The House of DON, Inc.

The overall vision of The House of D.O.N., Inc. is a multimedia events & production company. By enhancing every experience through hospitality, we pride our work as delivering value, enjoyment and solutions to all we serve.
If you would like to book one of our services, please visit the subdivision in which you are looking to help you with your needs.

Red Valley Media Group

Red Valley Media Group offers branding and event solutions to organizations around the world. Specializing in video and/or photo content that Includes commercials, trade shows, live events, realty, seminars, post-production, highlight videos & more.

Wedding DJ Plus

Wedding DJ Plus is an events and hospitality company offering DJ, photography, video and photo booth experiences to its clients in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We offer services for weddings, birthday parties and other private events.

House of Don Productions

House of DON Productions creates independent films, documentaries, music videos and music productions. Our specialties also include but are not limited to documentary, reality TV, and live events as well.

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What do we bring to the table?

As a company in such a fast paced industry, we have to keep up with the times, stay innovative and always let our customers know we are there for them. These objectives help us to maintain our integrity.