New Websites

The House of D.O.N., Inc. recently split its company into different divisions. Where House of DON Productions once encompassed everything we do, now we are isolating our services through different websites. House of DON Productions now holds its information and content at and the split; Our wedding and mobile event services for receptions, parties, corporate functions and more, has now moved to Wedding DJ + offers all of our DJ, Photography and Videography services for weddings, receptions, birthday parties and other such events. We feel this split is beneficial in that our clients and visitors are looking for specific content. We no longer want to over clutter our site with multiple services that don’t match. We hope that you the visitor finds this to be more rewarding when you visit out sites. If there are any questions in what the overall mission of the The House of D.O.N., Inc. is, then please visit the original site, Here we will be providing access to all of our different websites and access to our friends websites. We will also have a brief desciption of each site and our overall mission statement. Thanks for visiting.

-The House of D.O.N., Inc.

New Music – This is Where I Am – Single

New Music by Don Ash : This is Where I Am

Released: 01/17/2012
Genre: Progressive House
Produced, mixed and vocals by: Don Ash
Release Number: HOD-EDM-02

Check it out here at

Don Ash Music – volume 01 – Concluded

I just wanted to inform everyone that the album “Don Ash Music – volume 01” is now complete. I was going to leave it open for an indefinite amount of time trying to achieve a 15 or 16 song album but decided since other things have came up and I have other projects happening that I would end it. Finished with 8 songs and published from October 11, 2011 – November 29, 2011 it was definitely fun and I am happy with the results. I will follow up this album in 2012 with Don Ash Music – volume 02, but first I have to work on some mixes and a few EDM singles. Stay tuned!

The new Mobile Music pages

House of DON Productions has recognized that the music on our site does not play on all mobile devices. Therefore we have created pages that are friendly to your mobile device. We hope. Unfortunately the pages for mobile devices don’t work on PCs so we have to keep our pages separate for now. Eventually we will become more tech-savy and have this thing streamlining a lot better. But for now check out from your mobile device.
Thank you – Don Ash

Video Ad

House of DON Productions is gearing up to shoot their first video ad. We are hopeful that by showing our services in an infomercial that we will give our potential clients a better look into what we really do when we perform. This is huge to the clients that will be hiring us. Recently we visited a wedding we were invited to as guests, and watched the DJ’s (who were charging 5x our rates). We were expecting to take notes and be blown away by this over-priced entertainment company, but could only determine that House of DON Productions offers better service than the competition at a much lower rate (we need to increase our rates). So hopefully we will start obtaining more clients by allowing them to see the better service at lower rates. IT’s a WIN-WIN with House of DON Productions.